Compagnia Excursus


Artistic direction and choreography Ricky Bonavita

  • Valerio de Vita
  • Andrea di Matteo
  • Claudia Pompili
  • Francesca Schipani
  • Ricky Bonavita

Excursus means “digression,” as a symbol of Ricky Bonavita’s choreographic project, of his rarefied atmospheres, of gestures that inspired by the everyday are transfigured into surreal and stylized expression. The company’s vast repertoire, leaning toward contemporary creation, gives space to the search for abstract formalism, the creation of dreamlike and symbolic universes and the exploration of interpersonal relationships.

With the company founded in 1994, Ricky Bonavita offers his own choreographic and stylistic vision, which continues to renew itself through productions and artistic collaborations in a path to date open to the new. Excursus supported since 2000 by MIBACT shares since 2018 its projectuality with PinDoc Ass. Cult. for an artistic research focused on dance and the body as expressive, theatrical and poetic means. In collaboration with public and private partners, the Excursus Company is distributed in Italy, the European Community and beyond.

Productions intended for traditional theaters and stage spaces are flanked by urban dance projects, and in collaboration with ASL and affiliated facilities by social or community dance projects .

Fondazione Rome Chamber Music Festival
Via Vittorio Veneto 108, 00187, Roma, Italia

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