Kristina Vocetkova


Kristina, winning first competition at age 8, has since participated in and won more than 20 national and international competitions – most recently 2018 international Anton Rubinstein competition Berlin, Germany.  In 2010 was awarded Yamaha Music Foundation of Europe Scholarship.  At 14 admitted to Prague Conservatory.  She has studied at Juilliard and currently  is at the Liszt Ferenc Academy Budapest. In 2015 in duo with violinist Matouš Pěruška won Zoltán Kodály prize and in 2017  a prize for best interpretation of work by Czech contemporary composer.  As soloist has plalyed with many Czech orchesras and has collaborated with Czech pianists Ivo Kahánek  and  Ivan Klánský.  She has performed in Slovakia, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, Hungary, Italy, Croatia, Germany, France and U.S.A.